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Return to a fulfilled and connected life.

What is anxiety?

Feeling worried, nervous or uneasy some of the time is normal. Anxiety is when fear or panic remains, even after uncertain times or stressors are resolved.

Symptoms of anxiety vary, but may include:

  • prolonged feelings of fear or worry
  • avoidance and introversion
  • specific and persistent phobias
  • heart palpitations, chest pain, trembling, nausea and panic attacks
  • changes in appetite, activity levels and sleep.

I have anxiety.

We’re here for you.

At Wesley Hospitals, we can support you to regain control of your life and develop the skills and knowledge to manage and overcome anxiety. Our caring and professional clinicians will work with you to develop a personalised treatment plan that supports your journey to better mental health and wellbeing.

From individual counselling and day programs to in-hospital stays, we can provide you with the support you need.

Connect with us today for more information and support. Our team will get back to you within one business day.

I need help for a loved one.

We can help you support someone you care for.

Symptoms of anxiety vary from person to person, which can make it hard to know if someone you love is suffering.

Without treatment, anxiety can have long-term negative impacts on a person’s mental and physical wellbeing. The sooner your loved one can access support, the better their chances of recovery will be.

At Wesley Hospitals, we offer three treatment options: appointment-based individual counselling, day programs in a group setting, as well as in-hospital stays. This provides your loved one with choice and flexibility to access the support that they need.

You’ve already taken the first step in supporting someone you love who may be experiencing anxiety. For more information, contact our assessment team to see how we can work together to help your loved one break the cycle of anxiety and return to a connected and fulfilling life.

You're not alone.

Here are some links to helpful information and resources about anxiety to support your journey to better mental health and wellbeing.

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Supporting you to return to a connected and fulfilling life.

Supporting you to return to a connected and fulfilling life.