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Wesley Hospital Ashfield

Wesley Hospital Ashfield is a 38-bed facility in Sydney’s inner west. We’ve been delivering high-quality and compassionate mental health care to Australians and their families for over 60 years.

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Set within discrete, landscaped grounds in Sydney’s inner west, Wesley Hospital Ashfield specialises in short stay, client-focused mental health care. Our facility features comfortable and spacious single- and dual-bed rooms with TVs and leafy aspects, as well as a chapel, gym and recreation facilities, sitting and dining rooms, meeting rooms and an onsite kitchen.

Our team

At Wesley Hospitals, you or your loved one will be cared for by an experienced and compassionate team of nursing professionals, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists and allied health specialists.

Our lead clinicians are experts in their fields. Their highly respected research informs the practice of our hospitals, and ensures our treatments are developed using the latest evidence-based information.

We provide a listening ear, advice, tools and treatments to empower you towards better mental health and wellbeing.


Your first step towards recovery

The most important step in your recovery is making the decision to seek help.

Our caring staff are on hand to guide you through the admissions process. Please review the five steps to successful admission, then complete the admissions enquiry form. Alternatively, you can contact us on 1300 924 522 or email

Step 1

Make a pre-admission call

Please call us on 1300 924 522 to arrange a pre-admission phone assessment.

Step 2

Consider your options to pay for treatment

Admission to Wesley Hospitals Ashfield is available to clients with private health insurance or those who can self-fund their treatment. As a private hospital, we’ll arrange payment for your treatment through your private health insurance. If you’re self-funding your treatment, you’ll be invoiced.

Don’t have private health insurance? Learn more about possible payment options.

Step 3

Obtain a referral

To receive treatment and care at Wesley Hospitals, we must receive a completed patient referral form. If you’re a client, please download and print the form and ask your GP or psychiatrist to complete it for you. If you don’t have a GP or psychiatrist, please call 1300 924 522 to organise a phone assessment.

Step 4

Pre-admission assessment

Your pre-admission assessment is a judgement-free, confidential chat with an experienced health professional to identify your needs, prepare your treatment plan and determine your start date. During this call, we might ask you about your current mental state, risk of harm to yourself or others, alcohol or drug use and your history of mental and physical health.

Step 5

Day of admission

On the day of your admission as an inpatient, you’ll be welcomed at reception by our admissions nurse who’ll take you through any additional paperwork. You’ll then be settled into your room and given time to unpack before meeting your treatment team.

Supporting you to improve mental health and overcome addiction

Supporting you to improve mental health and overcome addiction

Payment options

There are three ways to fund your treatment at Wesley Hospital Ashfield.

Option 1

Claim through your private health insurance (preferred)

Full private health insurance is available for all mental health conditions, including pre-existing conditions. Wesley Hospitals has agreements with most major health funds and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. Your private health insurance may also cover the costs associated with admission, medications and specialist fees. If you’re unsure about your level of cover, please contact our admissions coordinator with your private health insurance membership number.

Option 2

Self-fund your treatment

If you have the means, you can self-fund your treatment. Please contact us to discuss payment plan options available to you.

Option 3

Register for private health insurance

If you don’t have active private health insurance, you can take out a new policy and be covered for all mental health services we offer within two months. For more information, contact us today.

How to get here.

91 Milton Street, Ashfield NSW 2131

By car

Ashfield is ten kilometres southwest of Sydney CBD. The hospital is on Milton Street, running south from Liverpool Road. Parking is available onsite.

By train

Ashfield is a 30-minute train ride from Central Station and services run frequently. The hospital is a 20-minute walk from the station.

By bus

Sydney Buses 480 and 483 run from Sydney CBD to Liverpool Road, a short walk from Wesley Hospital Ashfield. If you’re travelling by train to Ashfield Station, Sydney Buses 464 and 466 run along Milton Street.

Supporting you to improve mental health and overcome addiction

Supporting you to improve mental health and overcome addiction